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Jarrett Bay Boathouse

Offered in amazing scents with different label options, you have plenty to choose from thanks to Blue Marlin Candle Co.!  Each candle is hand poured in a thick 12 ounce glass gar.

O'Fishally Hooked On You A special limited edition for the Valentine in your life......even if that Valentine is you! Hand poured in our 12oz candle jar. This lovely blend is full of creamy vanilla, coconut, brown sugar and soft warm caramel. 

Coastal White Birch Our Coastal White Birch is a luxurious blend of cypress, eucalyptus, with a hint of vanilla, rounded out with the crispness of sea salt.

Coconut Island is just what you would imagine it to be- tropical coconutty paradise!  Starts off with a fruity tang and ends with a creamy coconut base.

Coastal Driftwood & Blue Hawaiian is such a unique beautiful scent.  It will sweep you away to a private beach, sitting on beach driftwood and letting your worries be swept away to the sea.  Top notes of salty ozone, violet, fresh citrus rounding out with the velvety sweetness of luscious Hawaiian fruit.

Our Beach House candle will transport your space into a tropical spa.  A bright calming scent with a tropical spa in mind.  A new favorite that is perfect for those relaxing vacation days.  Tops notes of bamboo agave, aloe, cucumber, palm leaf, ending with tantalizing sparkling grapefruit.

Coastal Passion Flower is a destination scent blended with passionflower and orchid, along with coconut cream, Tahitian vanilla and white nectarine.   

Salty Seas is a sophisticated bright blend of sea salt, citrus, amber, plum and cardamom.  Take your senses on a journey of warm ocean sea spray while battling that big fish!

Rugged Coast is a captivating aroma of ocean air sweeping over rugged salty cliffs.  Himalayan Salt, Blue Lotus, Bergamont, Sea Air, Driftwood

Tropical Caribbean is an irresistible tropical fusion that will have you dreaming of a Caribbean getaway.  White dragonfruit, golden melon, island lilies, coconut, soft vanilla musk

Palm Breeze is a bright refreshing scent that captures warm beach breeze.  Lemon zest, jasmine, sea ozone, coastal musk.

Surfers Paradise is warm, sunny, beachy, catching waves, and vibes.  Coconut cream, pistachio, exotic vanilla, tonka bean.


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